Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Locker DIY Coffee Table Base Kit

Huh? The Locker Table? yeah, you know "" table? AKA Priscilla's (Awesome) DIY Industrial Coffee Table? No?

This one....

Oh yeah, I love that one!

So, we just put together a kit for all the pipe parts and fittings. All, lovingly cleaned, degreased and painted, ready to put your own top on. We made one teensy change, the 51in. pipe down the middle (technically a 'stretcher') we supply as two pieces with a coupler (don't worry, it's just as strong). That cuts the packaging size way down, makes shipping much cheaper.

How much? $150.00 and FREE shipping! (sorry US only). Seriously. Lay your hands on some wood of your choice and make a fabulous coffee table for less than... er... something that costs more than 150 bucks...

Just for the hell of it (all right, I ran out of stock) I put one of these together with all the parts from Home Depot. It cost $218.47 (plus solvent, rags and paint, time)!

So my kit saves you $68.47 and a load of time and cussin'.

Note: we can change any dimension of this design to suit your desires. Just message Jethro to get details.

And, SO much thanks to Priscilla for the shoutout to us too :)

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