Sunday, January 27, 2019

Blackfriars Ironworks is no more!

I'm heartbroken to have to write this.  After only 18 months of up and downs, the downs have tipped the balance.  Primarily the 20% steel tariffs have killed our profit margin.  We tried raising prices but, well, you can guess how well that worked.

If you need pipe or fittings for your project and don't mind cleaning and painting then I thoroughly recommend MEP Supply   Super fast, high quality and reliable - and the cheapest I've found for small quantities.  Tell them Jethro sent you.

If you want easy to assemble (easier than Ikea) industrial style furniture then Furniture Pipeline should be your first stop.  Friends of ours and truly excellent products.  Tell them Jethro says hi.

I want to thank all our customers - you are great!  To all those who might have become customers - well, I'm so sorry we never met!